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My Healthy Winter Salad Recipe

· Made with Sweet Potatoes, Arugula, & Whole Grains ·

This healthy winter salad is delicious, sweet, and comforting. It has a good mix of grains and veggies to keep you filled & well-nourished. Feel free to add a protein to it as well for that extra muscle-building kick! Daniel and I created this recipe for a Friendsgiving Dinner we had this past week, and it was for sure a…

My Favorite Overnight Oats Recipe

· A delicious & nutritious recipe to fuel your day ·

This overnight oats recipe is simple, delicious, and nutritious. Enjoy it on chilly mornings, days you need that extra kick of energy, or just every day–I personally wouldn’t complain if I woke to some overnight oats every morning 😉 What’s nice about oats is that you can also vary the toppings however you want, so it never…

Healthy Raspberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe

· A simple & healthy way to start the day ·

This healthy smoothie bowl recipe is super easy and quick to make, so it’s perfect for when you’re low on time, but still want something delicious & nutritious to fuel your day! I love it because it’s sweet, simple, and refreshing ☺️👍 It’s a great option for a healthy breakfast or midday snack. My Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipe: Ingredients: 1 cup frozen…