Bring Good Into Your Life with these Daily Intentions + Affirmations

· Let these encouragements guide you and bring peace into your daily life. ·

September 7, 2017

Hey Friend,

Thank you so much for being here! I am writing this post so that you can take a deeper glimpse into my heart, my soul, and my intentions behind this blog–and this LIFE!

We are each unique + incredible beings. We have been created with a purpose, and my wish for you is that you realize how truly amazing you are. You are a masterpiece made by God, and I pray that you celebrate this fact with every thought that passes through your mind.

Our thoughts are powerful. By forming intentions / affirmations / encouragements, you set yourself up for greatness.

Dare to believe in yourself. Dare to open your mind to all the good that this universe, and our God, has to offer you.

Daily intentions + affirmations to put into practice:

If you are drawn to these intentions, etch them into your mind, and allow your heart to believe them. Be reminded of the affirmations that you’ve set, and eventually, you will begin to live them out.

Practice patience. Practice gratitude. Your growth will follow. You are improving with every moment that passes, you’ve got this!

  • I am untethered joy.
  • My innermost being is filled with light.
  • I am abundant in love.
  • I overflow with gratitude.
  • God, who created everything in the universe, loves me immensely and works for my good.
  • I receive more than enough in this present moment.
  • God loves, protects, and gives. I receive all His gifts with gratitude + praise.
  • I have infinite potential.
  • I am guided by goodness.
  • I am loved and life is abundant
    ✧ Bianca Bonus, co-owner of Girl Get Outside.
  • I am blessed
    ✧ Paige Corbett, workout guru + youtuber.
  • I am fearless
    ✧ Chelsea Briche, blogger + owner of The Millennial Miss.
  • I am here, I am living, I am truly blessed
    ✧ Cambrey Knapp, veterinary student + adventurous soul.
  • I am beautifully crafted with intention.

Each one of our minds is uniquely and beautifully crafted. We therefore have distinct, individualized gifts that we can offer the world.

If you have any intentions or affirmations that you’d like to share, I’d be happy to feature them. Leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you ♡

With all my love,
Serena Sun

✧ This is an ongoing list that I’ll continue adding to as the days pass. Keep checking back to continue practicing your daily intentions together! ✧