The Assembly Cafe

· A Trendy & Creative Space to Visit in West Hollywood ·

November 6, 2016 7 Photos

Hey Guys! I stumbled upon The Assembly Café through one of my friends a couple of weeks ago.

If you’re looking for a creative space, or even just a trendy café to visit in Los Angeles, look no further–The Assembly Café should definitely be your next stop.

The Assembly Cafe West Hollywood The Assembly Cafe Menu

Reasons to visit The Assembly Café:

1) Beautiful coffee delivered on a wooden tray.

Um hi. This is adorable. 10/10 for delivery 😄

Cappuccino and Croissant

2) Stunning aesthetics.

Come onnnn? Even the mini tables are cute!🙌

The Assembly Cafe West Hollywood

3) A back porch for some vitamin D.

This wall though 👌

The Assembly Cafe back porch


4) An overall calming and refreshing ambiance.

I swear, just being in this café brings me peace 💯

The Assembly Cafe West Hollywood

Overall, I’m a huge fan of The Assembly, and will definitely be coming back to have some more croissants & cappuccinos! Visit their website here if you want to learn more about their company and what they do🌟

With All My Love,

Studying at The Assembly Cafe West Hollywood