Overnight Getaway: Leo Carrillo State Park

· Camping in Santa Barbara, CA ·

October 5, 2016 16 Photos

Here are some photos + first-timer tips for camping at Leo Carrillo State Park, Santa Barbara.

Hey hey loves!

As some of you may know, Daniel and I are currently students at UCLA. School can get stressful at times, so one of our favorite ways to rest + reset is by going camping!! Here is a collection of photos from our overnighter trip to Leo Carrillo State Park, along with a few tips for camping along the coast of Santa Barbara. 🏕🌊🙌

First-Timer Camping Tips

Camping may seem daunting to those who haven’t been before, but I promise the experience is well worth it. Just make sure to have meals planned ahead of time, do some research on the location of your campsite (check out what’s nearby–in case you run out of supplies!), and have the right equipment to stay safe + warm! I will be making a post about camping essentials in the future, so stay tuned for that!😄👌

Why I Love Camping:

I love falling asleep to an array of stars, and waking up to a forest of branches swaying overhead. I love having an excuse to look like absolute crap and have zero cares about it. I love taking a moment to breathe, think, and really enjoy my surroundings. I love spending intentional time with people and sharing awestruck moments together. I love being grateful for the earth that God created.

No matter what your reason is for taking a trip–maybe it’s to escape the fast pace of our society, get your much-needed dose of nature, or even if you’re being dragged by one of your outdoorsy friends to go on an expedition–definitely consider making your way to Leo Carrillo State Park. This trip is definitely one of my FAVORITE overnighters to date!

Night-Time Camping Essentials 😊🔥👫

Especially relevant: don’t forget to pack your firewood, kindling, and your favorite s’more ingredients!! Camping wouldn’t be the same without a good fire, delicious late-night treats, and of course, sweet sweet company. Night-time is a whole other ball game when it comes to camping. There aren’t nearly as many lights on a campground as there are on the streets, so you’ll realize that it gets dark pretty quickly! As a result, maybe you’ll find that you’re getting to bed earlier than expected (no Netflix to keep you up amiright) 😂

#1 Camping Tip:

Just go for it.

If you’re considering taking a trip, but don’t feel like you have everything completely planned out, I’m telling you to just go for it.

You’ll figure it out along the way.

It’s ok if you’re not 100% sure what you’re going to be doing at the campsite. It’s ok to leave a little room for improvisation. Life is meant to be an adventure! The best memories are made when a little spontaneity is added to the mix.

So go.

Do something that scares you a little. Invite people you want to connect with. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Thanks for dropping by my blog & feel free to reach out to me via Instagram or my Contact page if you have any questions/wanna share some stories!!

Much Love and Happy Adventuring 😄🌳

Serena Sun

November 6, 2016