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October 3, 2016 6 Photos

Hello Friends!

Today, Daniel and I got to spend our afternoon at Sweatheory, a holistic day spa specializing in infrared sauna therapy. We were signed up for an hour-long “Social Sweating” session and had no idea what to expect! When we first arrived, we were treated to a round of cayenne shots. They were so spicy!!🔥🔥🔥😂 We were told that the shots help to jumpstart the sweating & detoxing process by getting the body to heat up quicker.

Once we stepped in the sauna, we knew we were in for a very sweaty 30 mins! It was SO HOT. Luckily, Sweatheory provided us with extra towels and two huge glass bottles of water! (Amen 🙌)

Sweatheory: Infrared Sauna Therapy

Total Body Detox in Los Angeles

Infrared sauna therapy provides many of health benefits, including inflammation reduction, skin purification, and muscle relaxation. Infrared saunas penetrate the body deeper than traditional saunas–if you are curious & want to learn more about their differences, you can read about that here.

Throughout the treatment, I was watching my heartbeat tracker and was shocked to see how high my heart rate rose–I think I hit 112bpm at one point! Apparently, the heightened heart rate is what makes our bodies burn more calories during the treatment, so yay for burning more calories by doing absolutely nothing!!😜

After our 30 mins were up, we were given some mineral shots to replenish the electrolytes that we had just sweated out & to supplement the minerals our bodies were lacking!

Sweatheory First-Timer Tips:

  • Expect to be absolutely drenched in sweat. 😄💦
  • Don’t wear any makeup or lotions coming into the treatment, nobody likes clogged pores. 😋
  • Towels, shampoo, conditioner, and bath soap are all provided–all you have to bring are your pretty selves!
  • If you’re not-so-great at staying still on your own, consider bringing a friend with you 👭 Having Daniel in the sauna made time fly much quicker!
  • Your friends aren’t down to sweat with you? All good! You can bring a book to read, or practice those meditation skills with the multiple guided meditation CDs they have at the front desk.

All-in-all, Daniel and I had a great time, and would definitely go again. We both came out of our treatment feeling so refreshed, and ready to take on the rest of the day!!

Hope this review helped, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
Much Love,